Democratizing notes in the classroom

How Was Notely Built?

Notely was an ambitious undertaking by the members of the Tinovation Club at Cupertino High School. Students were split into groups based on which aspect of the project they wanted to work on. This included iOS, Android, Web Development, and Python/Hardware. The latter was established to balance out the workload for each team. After creating an Android application, iOS application, web portal, and python backend, the code was congregated to one single Github organization for easy reference (

What is Notely?

Notely is a project created by Tinovation members in the 2017-2018 school year. Notely utilizes OpenCV and handwriting recognition algorithms to capture written text on whiteboards and convert it to digital format. The text is saved using Firebase, our online database, and is pulled from the cloud to populate the applications and website portal.

Our Team

Notely was built by the entire Tinovation team. Special thanks to our club officers, our advisor (Mr. Ferrante), and of course, our members!

Challenges and Takeaways

The project involved months of long and difficult work, and one of the most important challenges we overcame was trying to keep everyone working on the product involved and to connect all components of the product. Although we were not able to completely tie together all loose ends with the product, we still learned a lot from this project and build skills that will stick with us for years. Thank you all for joining us on this long, but rewarding journey!


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